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Arcade Apartments is designed to embrace and support local St. Louis artists who have a passion for their artand a vision to foster and build a sense of community with fellow artisans. This National Historic Landmark features over 11,000 square feet of shared work and studio spaces available to residents rent inclusive. Among the exceptional artist amenities available to residents are a performance studio as well as large painting, pottery, drawing and photography studios, a state-of-the-art music and multi-media studio, and music practice rooms designed for optimal acoustics.

Arcade Apartments participates in an affordable housing program. Household income, artist restrictions & student status limitations apply. If at least one member of your household is an artist, and if you meet the housing income guidelines listed below, you are eligible and may apply for an affordable apartment. Please use the information below to help you determine your eligibility.

If your household does NOT meet the affordable housing income guidelines, you are still welcome to apply for a market-rate home. Click
HERE for information about our luxury suites at Arcade.


Total household income must be UNDER the following limits based on household size:

- 1 Occupant: $42,240
- 2 Occupants: $48,240
- 3 Occupants: $54,300
- 4 Occupants: $60,300

The household income is based on GROSS annual income (before any deductions), (self-employed artists use Net Income) earned from all sources including wages, social security payments, public assistance, pensions, annuities, interest income, dividends, stocks, bonds, insurance settlements, recurring gifts from family/friends, sales of artwork, etc. Third-party verification will be required of all income, and copies of tax returns and pay stubs may be required.

Look at your last six pay stubs gross earnings. Add all six up and divide by six to calculate how much you make, on average, per pay period. Multiply by the number of pay periods per year.

- Weekly = 52
- Bi-Weekly = 26
- Semi Monthly = 24
- Monthly = 12
For self-employed artists you will use your Net Income which is after business expenses, but before personal deductions. You can use our personal worksheet to help you calculate your income and determine if you qualify. We have included an Excel workbook or PDF file in the menu for you to use.


A household that contains full-time students will need to meet one of the following exemptions:

- Receiving TANF
- Enrolled in a job training program receiving assistance under the Job Training Participation Act (JTPA)
- Married entitled to file a joint Federal income tax return with spouse
- Single parent with a dependent child/children
- Former foster child in transition to independence
- Have a household member, who will not be a full-time student, living in the apartment


At least one member of the household must demonstrate a commitment to an art form in order to qualify for residency, but the qualifying member need NOT derive income from his or her artistic endeavors. The artist member seeking to qualify must also submit an online artist application that will be reviewed by a committee of artists.

Components of the application are:
- Resume, references and portfolio
- History of creative work
- Long-term creative and career goals
- Desire to engage in a creative community 

Some examples of artists include:
- Fine Artists: Painting, drawing, sculpting, book art and print making
- People who create imaginative works: Aesthetic literature, costume design, photography, music composition and architecture
- Functional & Craft artists: Jeweler, potter, chef, quilt maker, silk screener, carpet maker, furniture maker, and toy designer
- Performers: Singers, musicians, dancers, actors and performance artists
- Media Artists: Radio, film, television, multi-media, cyber-art, gaming and animation
- Design Artists: Graphic and web design, interior design, aesthetic design, package design and set design

To maintain the integrity of the community; credit, rental & public record background checks are conducted on all applicants.